Business management study in Germany


Business management study in Germany

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The best area that attracts many students to Europe at the moment is business administration, where students want to travel to Germany to get a bachelor's degree in this field from there.

Many students want to study business administration in Germany precisely because there are many opportunities in this field in Germany, as his jobs are one of the best jobs such as your job as a financial adviser and marketing manager, and this is what a student can get after graduating from the field of business administration, it is an opportunity To get the perfect job.

What are the admission requirements for a business study in Germany?

In order to study business administration in most European countries you will need to obtain a student visa, prove your financial record that you can afford to study and stay, as well as you must pass the university admission supreme, in some countries you may have already taken this test after completing a study. A secondary school that qualifies you for admission to German universities, it is best to ask your former school about this, plus you will need a health insurance policy.

What is the cost of studying business in Germany?

The cost of tuition fees in Germany depends on the university of your choice, but in general tuition fees range from €12,000 to €20,000 per year, with scholarships for some international students in Germany.

Consider other additional expenses besides studying expenses abroad, so you should allocate additional money for travel, accommodation, food, mobility, and study supplies, so you should be prepared.

What is the university education system in Germany?

The school year in Germany includes two semesters in the summer and winter, during the holidays you can get a training job or even travel to enjoy your vacation, if you are an international student and want to study in Germany there will never be a language problem for you, because most German universities offer Its English courses, in addition to the fact that international students can choose any route they like, the colleges there offer a wide range of specialties.

There are plenty of options available for the study area, where you can choose to study in urban cities such as Berlin, where The University of Frei Universidad, Munich University of Technology, Ludwig Maxim Lians, or you can study in smaller cities like Heidelberg, where the University of Robricht Carles is located.

How long is studying in Germany?

The duration of study in Germany varies depending on the course you will take, for a bachelor's degree, the duration of study is from three to four years, and the master's degree is from one to two years, for a doctorate, for a doctoral degree of two to six years.
To date, there are more than 350,000 international students in German universities, including the Free University of Berlin and the European University of Business Administration.

After completing your studies, you can look for a job there, where many opportunities await you in Germany, but be careful employers prefer who speaks fluent German, so don't make language a barrier to your chance to get the perfect job with a rewarding salary.
You can work in Germany on a student visa after completing your studies, but for a full 120 days or 240 bi-day days per year, however, if you are an EU student, you can work up to 20 hours a week.

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