Health and Medicine Study in New Zealand


Health and Medicine Study in New Zealand 

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There are eight universities in New Zealand, most of which offer different health and medical programs and courses, if you want to study health and medicine in New Zealand, you should look for a university with a unique health and medicine course.

What are the admission criteria for the New Zealand Health and Medicine Study?

In order to be able to study health and medicine in New Zealand, you must be familiar with the admission criteria of the university to which you will apply, as each university has its own requirements, but there are some general requirements for international students, as these conditions include completing a certificate equivalent to the university admission criteria in New Zealand, or you can complete your foundation phase in New Zealand first before applying for a high score, for you as an international student if your first language is not English, you need to prove your English proficiency, through an assessment that universities will request, IELTS or TOEFL.

In addition, you must have knowledge of physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology, not all universities need to have a background on these topics, but advice to you is better to have previous experience and strong information in those areas.

What are the costs of studying health and medicine in New Zealand?

Tuition fees vary from university to university, depending on the course you will be enrolled in, the cost of the study will be determined, and in general the costs will range from NZ$32,392 to NZ$63,720 per year, in addition to which there is an administrative fee for international students, as well as registration fees, so You should contact your university to get accurate tuition information.

How long is your study and student visa requirements in New Zealand?

The duration of study in New Zealand depends on the course you will be enrolled in, and for a bachelor's degree, the duration of the study is three years, honors one year, master's degree, two years or one year with honors, and a doctorate with a duration of three to four years. Years.
For student visa requirements, you will need to complete some papers and documents to obtain them:
  • Get a letter from the university you applied to.
  • Medical certificate.
  • This proves that you can afford your stay.
  • Prove your stay in New Zealand if you are under 18 years of age.
  • you must apply to the nearest New Zealand embassy for a student visa.

Why is studying in New Zealand a great opportunity for you?

New Zealand is an ideal place to study abroad, as New Zealand is a multicultural country, providing high-quality education for both academic and professional studies at universities, and enjoys security and stability due to the low crime rate there compared to In America and Europe.
Its programs and courses are based on the most famous and internationally recognized British education system, but not at the same costs as in the UK, plus as an international student you can work part-time for up to 20 hours a week, or full time during holidays, 40 hours, so you can Saving the cost of living.

The good thing is that, as an international student, after completing your studies you can get an automatic permit to work there for up to a year, and what's more, if you work in a job associated with your degree, you'll probably have the opportunity to get permanent residency, and you'll get it in six months.

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