MBA study in Germany


MBA study in Germany

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MBA study is one of the most outstanding choices that the student can get, which has become a high demand during this period, and Germany is considered one of the most powerful economic countries in the world, making its business study very important for the development and development of the practical aspects of the individual, The student also has a lot of cultural and cognitive heritage due to his presence in such an advanced country.

Studying in Germany gives you a presence in the most powerful countries in the world, which have major financial and industrial institutions, and you can benefit from studying the European economy in general, which has a major impact on the global economy.

MBA study in Germany

Many students resort to travel to Germany and study there because of the quality of education there, it contains a lot of expatriate students and is estimated to be about 12% of students, in German universities the student can learn a lot of new cultures, and there are many courses English, And German, you can strengthen both languages together.

What are the requirements for admission to German universities to study MBA?

One of the prerequisites for studying an MBA in Germany is to have a bachelor's degree in business or other business management, so that you can apply for a master's degree there for the same specialty, and you must submit official papers and documents proving that you have the courses. Related to the business department, with the ability to speak one of German and English, language test papers must also be submitted to prove this, whether GMAT, TOEFL test, and it is preferable to highlight the practical experiences in the field and the recommendations you have obtained to promote The possibility of you being admitted to university.

What is the cost of studying an MBA in Germany?

Studying in Germany is overly inexpensive, getting an MBA from the United States or Britain is more expensive, the cost of education in addition to living expenses in Germany is estimated at about $90,000, and German universities have a lot of scholarships. That does not cost the student any fees or costs.

The best universities to study business in Germany

The government's support for the government's work in the country is a good way to support the government's work.

Otto Bishim College was founded in 1984 by the Koblenz Chamber of Commerce, where it is privately funded, so the university has a lot of agreements with 200 universities around the world, in order to exchange experiences, and to assign professors to ensure continuous development in the educational aspect, and the process is divided The university degree is selected in two separate stages, the selection is made in principle depending on the academic or personal achievements of the students, after which the 200 seats available annually to the students are contested on the last day of the selection process.

Leipzig School of Management

Leipzig College is one of the oldest specialized business schools in Germany, with its foundation dates back to 1898, and is located in Saxony, a private college, but it is one of the oldest colleges that have a big name in the world of business administration, and has many agreements with many universities around the world with 100 universities.
Manheim University Business School

Founded in 1969, Manheim University has 24 professors and experts specializing in business administration, has 150 members and 4,000 students, so it is one of Europe's largest business schools.
Berlin European Business School (ESCP)

The University of Berlin is one of the oldest institutes in Europe in the field of management, and is an independent institute of business administration in Germany, and contains 120 expert professors specialized in the field, and studies more than 4000 students annually, from all over the world, and of different nationalities, making it a distinguished university which It develops and gives students a lot of communication and interactive experiences, and recognizes different cultures, and by passing through this unique and rich experience increases cooperation and competition among colleagues from other countries in the world.
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

The teaching system at the University of Frankfurt is based on scientific research, which covers all aspects of business management, banking and finance, as it contains many distinct educational programs.

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