Study about Business Management


Study about Business Management

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The world is based on money, isn't it? This is an undeniable fact of the modern age at all, where small businesses can become huge companies with many branches around the world in the blink of an eye, due to the art of business Administration, through the study of business administration, you will not become an expert in this field and only economic adviser to others, This even helps you to create, manage and enlarge your business as well.

Business Management is one of the world's most prestigious disciplines, and millions of people specialize every year. Therefore, it is a specialization that needs to be studied for wisdom, acumen and intelligence, in order to compete in this field of reality and achieve the desired success. You can study this specialty in a lot of colleges, the names differ around the world, but remain in the Arab societies altogether (trade) is the origin.

What to study in a business administration specialty:

In the first year of that specialization takes many introductory subjects that gain experience in different fields of business, studying the economy, in which you know what the economy and its gaps in domestic and international law, and study human resources, where you can deal with employees and clients around you, as well as study Mathematics helps to make tables and make complex business calculations, and a lot in the middle too.
Then go to the actual specialization stage in the field of business management, usually the business Management specializes in the field of four:
  • The public domain
  • Marketing Field
  • Finance Area
  • Financial management Area.

Each of these areas differs from its peers in many subjects, but there are also some common materials. The public domain examines the fundamentals of management and Management Science in general, such as public relations, corporate governance, the art of crisis management, human beings and institutions in all its facilities, and in the field of marketing study everything related to marketing literally, such as: International Marketing, global marketing research, and the field Finance should study the principles and fundamentals of financing and spending based on the needs of companies and the factors on which the financing value depends, as well as mortgage financing, and finally in the field of financial management you are studying how to deal with budgets, salaries, stocks and bonds, for example Studies such as: Management accounting and investment.

The interfaces common to all these disciplines are cool and easy, but very important for the graduate of Business administration in general. Such as the principles of law, international law, self-employment ethics, micro-economic principles, accounting principles, computer and administrative Sciences, English, and much in the middle.

Before you finish your undergraduate studies you should take courses in your field next to the certificate that you give them to the university. Courses that are highly inspected in the field of business management are computer courses and language courses, a certificate such as ICDL, it essentials in computer, and TOEFL or IELTS in English, can make you able to work in global banks.

Why choose a business management study?

Business Management is one of the most important branches of management science, which has contributed significantly to the improvement of the living standard of the individual, as the science of management is basically related to the art of making sound decisions, as well as business management learners can predict future things, enabling them to develop alternative plans to overcome crises, We can describe that specialty with the rocket engine, which gives the spacecraft--the organization here--a strong impetus, and therefore a business management scholar is truly Superman this time.

After graduation, he will have great flexibility in joining the work in several different places, whether company/bank/school/Hospital... However, because every institution, organization or facility of any kind relies heavily on the specialization of business administration in order to perform its administrative tasks, and there are some other disciplines that are quite distant from the management of business, which, when its affiliates reach a certain professional level, must study Business Administration for promotion purposes, such as a physician in case of advancement to the position of director of a hospital, and similarly the engineer needs to study business management to help him manage his engineering work.

What are the areas of work after graduation?

You can work as a human resources expert in a company whether large or small, but in order to work on that job, he/she must obtain other degrees and courses in the field of human development in general, and there work as a future for employment applications, and do personal interviews of newcomers, It is decided which one can work and which is not.
The actual functions that belong to the art of management are actually administrative functions, so you can start as a general administrative officer in an office, then upgrade to a section manager assistant, a department manager, and a full manager.
Your initial accounting experience entitles you to take other training courses in the field, thereby obtaining an actual accountant's license, under which you can work in one of the accounting offices, or open your own accounting office.

Areas of postgraduate studies:

Unlike other disciplines and colleges, doing graduate studies in business management is essential, inevitable and inevitable if you want to succeed in this area. The first thing you should get after graduation is a master of business Administration or what is known as an MBA, which is the mainstay of specialization. You can get that postgraduate study from the same university, another university, or recognized international training centers as well, and after taking the masters you can prepare a PhD or PhD in Business management, after choosing a specific sub-domain, for example you can do a PhD with the title : "Managing startups in the shadow of hard currency fluctuations".

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