Study MBA in UK


Study MBA  in UK 

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For high-level competition in the ever-changing global business market, one must be better educated and willing. A Masters in Business Administration in the United Kingdom will undoubtedly be rewarding.

The borders of England stretched once and widened too to encompass the entire globe. Culture and history have infiltrated all modern British society and have also absorbed the nuances of all cultures and societies as well. There is simply no place on earth that is rich and diverse in cultures such as the United Kingdom. Its schools and universities are the pioneers of the modern world in education and innovation. The UK is a crossroads to the global market and business ventures around the world. All this makes the MBA study in the UK a wise investment.

MBA Study in Britain:

Most UK colleges and universities accept three-year bachelor degrees from foreign and international students. Consequently, students from Malaysia, India and other countries are able to apply for masters degree directly at universities and colleges in the UK. Another advantage of studying MBA in the UK is the ability of a student who holds a Masters degree in Business Administration to earn an MBA in a one-year study. This would normally take two years if the student is studying at any college or university in the United States. A MBA student from the UK can achieve his goals in half the time compared to the same majors in some other countries.

Admission Requirements for MBA study in Britain:

For most UK colleges and universities, foreign and international students are required to have two or three years of work experience. But there are many schools that do not require it. However, any program approved by  "MBA Association " (ANBA), requires at least three years of experience on the job.
Most British colleges and universities require foreign and international students to pass a test of English as a Foreign language (TOEFL), but do not require a postgraduate admission examination in Management (GMAT).

The cost of studying MBA in Britain:

As mentioned earlier, an important advantage for international and foreign students who want to study MBA in the UK is that they can do it in just one year. The cost of MBA currently is 10.000 to 15,000 British pounds, i.e. equivalent 14.502 to 21.263 USD. If you are considering Oxford or Cambridge the price will be slightly higher; 45.000 pounds or equivalent US $65.263. Your MBA in the UK will provide you with a lot of scientific and practical experience that may be very useful to you in your career later.

Universities and colleges to study MBA MBA in UK

  • Bangor University 
  • City, University of London 
  • Edinburgh Napier University 
  • Hult International Business School (London Campus) 
  • Liverpool John Moores University 
  • London School of Business and Management 
  • Robert Gordon University 
  • University of Manchester 
  • Durham University 
  • University of Sal ford 

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