Study of accounting and finance in Germany


Study of accounting and finance in Germany

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The study of accounting and finance is a very special opportunity, as Germany is one of the largest industrialized countries in the world, and it is also one of the most popular countries for those wishing to study abroad, and it is characterized by many specialties that qualify the student directly to the labor market, from During the training courses and experiences gained from the study, in this article we review all the details related to the study of accounting and finance in Germany.

Study of accounting and finance in Germany

The study of accounting and finance of certificates that are in increasing demand worldwide, it is considered one of the top ten jobs in the field of business, because it qualifies individuals with this type of certificate for success and excellence in their working life, whether studying in Germany or in Anywhere else.

What are the requirements for admission to German universities to study accounting and finance?

An applicant applying for accounting and finance studies in Germany must obtain a valid visa, prove that he or she has financial coverage for his or her study and living expenses, and must also keep copies of those documents that he or she may be assigned to bring at the airport.
German universities also require applicants to pass the entrance exam, in addition to paying attention to the student's high school grades, and proving that the student has a secondary certificate in his country, and must be internationally and regionally recognized, as some universities in Germany prefer. Conduct a competency test to predict how likely their certificates are likely to be completed properly.

Mastering German is an important and necessary admission requirement, and documents must be brought to prove it.

What is the cost of studying accounting and finance in Germany?

Financial tuition fees at each university in Germany are different, the higher the level, the higher the tuition fees, as some universities offer more training courses than others, but some outstanding students can benefit from scholarships that are not paid for. There are some services provided, such as the German Academic Exchange Service, which saves a lot of money on international students every year, where German universities occupy a high position and are considered one of the best universities in the world, so you find that some universities make agreements International with German universities in order to exchange outstanding students to study there.

Best German Universities for Accounting and Finance

Germany has a lot of outstanding universities in the field of education, and we show you the top 10 universities in the study of accounting and finance:
  1. University of Frankfurt.
  2. University of Tübingen.
  3. University of Erdangen.
  4. University of Mainz.
  5. University of Oldenburg.
  6. Paderborn University.
  7. University of Constance.
  8. University of Yina.
  9. Olm University.
  10. Wuppertal University

Duration of study of accounting and finance in German universities

The duration of the study varies from 3 to 5 years depending on the duration of the program, depending on the type of university, while the duration of the master's degree is one year and in some universities and sometimes extends up to three years.
German universities have many disciplines and departments related to accounting and business management that vary from university to university, such as:
  • Business and Business Economics
  • Business Management and Administration
  • International Business and Marketing
  • Banking, Accounting and Finance Sciences, Accounting and Finance
  • E-Commerce
  • Legal Accounting and Legal and Financial Audit Ings Finance and Law Auditing
  • Trade, international trade and sales economy
  • Political economy, state and government economy and global economic policies.
  • Engineering Economics (Civil Engineering Economics/Architecture/Electrical Engineering/Chemical Engineering).
  • Information Economics and Business Information Technology
  • Environment Economy and Resource Management Environments and Resources Management
  • Financial and Economic Mathematics
  • Health Management and Hospital Economy
  • Media, Communication and Cultural Economy Media and Culture Management
  • Tax Science and Business Economics
  • Real estate management, construction economy and project management
  • Tourism economy and tourist facilities
  • Transport and Logistics Economy
  • Industrial management, systems and industrial economy
  • Aviation economy and airports
  • Human Resources Management and Corporate Management.
The study of accounting and finance in Germany will be an opportunity to hold the best jobs and enjoy a prestigious position among the best qualified and technical staff in various economic and commercial institutions around the world.

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