Study of agriculture and its fields in New Zealand


Study of agriculture and its fields in New Zealand

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The study of agriculture is one of the academic studies there that is facing a high demand because it is one of the countries that is highly developed in the agricultural field, where the agricultural economy depends heavily on the movement of trade and strong exports that are linked to the agricultural sector and the fish production sector, so you find New Zealand education system is a sophisticated and similar one in Britain, and in the following lines a detailed account of all the information needed on the study of agriculture and its fields in New Zealand.

What are the admission requirements for the Study of Agriculture and its areas in New Zealand?

New Zealand has many important universities with agricultural departments, so many students turn to study and take advantage of their courses, but each university has several special requirements that it defines for admission to study.
English is one of the most important requirements in all universities for the study of agriculture, so the applicant must choose the IELTS or TOEFL test to bring the papers proving his knowledge and mastery of English, the student's grades must not be less than 6 degrees in the IELTS test, or 565 in TOEFL test.

The student must also have a high school diploma, in addition to obtaining three main passes in the national examination of his country, and you can also meet the admission requirements by obtaining a minimum of 65% Ontario High School diploma, so it is advisable to write to the relevant university that You would like to join them for more important and concise information about joining them.

What are the admission requirements for the Study of Agriculture and its areas in New Zealand?

If you want to be admitted to New Zealand universities or one of the institutes there for a diploma, the applicant for a level 3 degree in the NCEA assessment system must be obtained from a secondary school in the country.
Students who have obtained their secondary certificate from other countries must submit documents proving that they have a parallel degree, such as a grade 12 certificate in the Australian system, or a Level A in the GCSE assessment system adopted in the United Kingdom.

Each university often lists its accepted certificates for those wishing to apply for agriculture or any other major there on its official website, and if the student's degree does not meet the university requirements, you can participate in basic courses of 6 to 12 months, which is equivalent. He can attend the majority of universities in the country.

What is the cost of studying agriculture and its fields in New Zealand?

When planning travel and studying at any university, especially in New Zealand universities, you should think about the physical plans, and the costs of studying there, they are of course not easy or simple, so it must be well planned, each university or college has different tuition costs, but on average it can be said Studying at New Zealand universities costs approximately NZ$21,500, you should add $5,000 if you want a postgraduate diploma, and you'll need to add fees for various courses such as accommodation, food expenses and travel items.

What about applying to New Zealand universities?

The journey of studying in New Zealand is not easy, you should always choose it carefully, as well as consider some things such as the choice of the university and the choice of the system you want and the subjects you prefer to study, and on the basis of which the university that suits you, then the student submits his papers to that university, and in Once you accept the application, the university or educational institution will send you "offer of admission", and upon completion of the payment of tuition fees, you will be sent "confirmed acceptance offer", which you can use when applying for a study visa.

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