Study of applied and pure sciences in Canada


Study of applied and pure sciences in Canada

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The study of applied sciences and pure sciences is one of the academic studies through which you can obtain a prestigious scientific position, especially with the amazing scientific and academic progress witnessed by Canadian universities, which has made it a unique destination accepted by scholars from all over the world, and here will be We are dealing with one of those very special academic studies, the Study of Applied Sciences and Pure Sciences in Canada.

What are the admission requirements for studying applied and pure sciences in Canada?

There are some requirements that students must know before planning travel and studying applied sciences and pure sciences in Canada, as the university system there is a special system that accepts only students with a large scientific background to obtain university admission and if you want to apply for study it is so Through one of the following organizations:
  • International Accreditation Assessment Service in Canada
  • Global education services.
Canadian universities recognize only these two organizations, and the applicant is therefore subject to several procedures, including a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of each course to measure the student's academic level, and the organization is using this report to measure student success in the Canadian education system.

English study and excellence is also a prerequisite for studying at Canadian universities, because it is a basic language in the study of applied sciences and pure sciences in Canada, and some programs are offered in French in some Canadian universities, so when applying to study there you have to pass one The TOEFL or IELTS tests are successful, and your total score on the IELTS is at least 6 points, or 565 in the TOEFL, in order to accept Canadian universities, as admission to Canadian universities is highly competitive, so you have to get the highest possible score in order to accept your application.

What is the cost of studying applied and pure sciences in Canada?

It is known that studying in Canada can not follow a specific number, each university has different financial conditions than the other, but it can be said that the cost of studying there is estimated at 14,000 Canadian dollars per year, and you should know that you should plan well to study there for at least four years, in addition to which you must Planning for other expenses such as courses, accommodation costs, travel, food and other personal costs.

How to get a free education in Canada?

You can get free education in Canada by using one of the following methods:
  • Obtaining asylum in Canada and this gives the person the right to study and educate free of charge in Canada.
  • Obtaining a scholarship offered by Canadian institutes or universities where the university is charged the cost of studying in Canada or the university fee.

 What accommodation options are available in Canada for international students?

Housing is a financially expensive thing in Canada where the average monthly rent there is 1000 Canadian dollars per month, so there are a number of different options for student accommodation, which vary according to the accommodation, such as:

Living with a Canadian family
Canadians are different, have hospitality, respect for privacy, and respect for other people's cultures and religious beliefs, so a student can stay with a Canadian family, which will also help you practice and learn English better, and build social relationships with families. There, the formation of handouts, this option will save a lot of expenses ranging from Can$750 to C$900 per month, including housing costs as well as meals.

Living in private apartments
In Canada, there are some apartments rented to a group of students studying and expatriate in Canada, you can stay in a student apartment, and rent is shared among students.

University housing
Some universities offer expatriate students the opportunity to live on campus, so you can choose from the beginning the university that has this capability.

Important documents and documents that you do not neglect when travelling to study in Canada

  • Your passport must be valid.
  • Letter of approval from the Visa Office on the study permit includes the special reference number.
  • A copy of the acceptance letter from the study point that allowed you to study.
  • A document proving that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay in Canada.

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