Study of architecture in Malaysia


Study of architecture in Malaysia

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Engineering training courses compete strongly through continuous hands-on training to bring students to the highest levels, if you want to study architecture in Malaysia, expect to have a unique university experience, because Malaysia is not a tourist destination for people from everywhere, but a destination Popular education for both local and international students.

It's a mix of beautiful landscaped rural areas and beautiful urban areas, so students who want to complete their university education enjoy the comfort of spending time with nature and living in the city, as well as its beauty, the diversity of cultures is the other reason why students They consider it their first destination to study abroad.

What qualifications do you need to study architecture in Malaysia?

In order to study architecture in Malaysia, there are some admission requirements to be met:
  • Qualify o-level/SPM, and have at least five credit hours at the high school level, as well as ensure sufficient experience in mathematics.
  • You must not have at least 2Cs STPM/A-Level including mathematics.
  • Australian General Secondary Certificate minimum ATAR 70.0. .
  • Canadian pre-university qualification at least 65%, and universities accept students from the arts or the urban environment as well as at least 2.0%.
Admission requirements may vary from university to university, so you should check the admission criteria for the university you have applied for, TOEFL or IELTS courses are not mandatory, but universities recommend them if English is not your first language.

How long does it take to study architecture?

It takes three years to get an accredited degree in architecture, if you want to work in the field of architecture in Malaysia after you have a degree in architecture and you are an international student it means that it is not finished here, where the Council of Architects of Malaysia determines Qualification level for all architects based on lam part 1.2.3 qualification level.
Students can take lam part 1 exams. Part 2 registration as a graduate engineer, as facilitated for students wishing to take the LAM Part 3 professional exam, under this right the student is registered as an engineer on the board.

In order to obtain a LAM Part 1 qualification, you can take individual LAM exams if you have an certified engineering degree, have an accredited engineering degree and have at least ten years of work experience in architecture, and individuals from Part 1 are called assistant architects. ," and individuals from Part 2 are called "graduate architects", and in order to obtain a Part 2 degree you have to study another two years which is equivalent to a master's degree in architecture.

What is the cost of studying architecture?

The cost of studying architecture in Malaysia is very economical compared to other study destinations abroad, with a total tuition fee for local students of approximately RM RM approximately RM 67,400 including tuition, insurance fees, library and any other secondary fees, while international students pay A slightly higher fee of rm is about RM 76,100.

How do you practice as an architect?

Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM) has partnered with APEC Architects, ASEAN Engineers Council and THE ASEAN Malaysia Monitoring Committee, which allows architects to work professionally and practice industry in ASEAN countries. Asia and APEC countries, where those who have a valid professional license or registration certificate with an architectural degree certified and recognized by the Professional Architectural Accreditation Authority either in their country or in the host country or even recognized as equivalent to this degree of architects can practice and participate Their services and knowledge in other countries.

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