Study of computer science and information technology in Germany


Study of computer science and information technology in Germany

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You may have several questions about studying computer science and information technology, why should I study in Germany? One of the most important reasons why Germany is an ideal home for the study is that it has a strong job market in this field, so there you will get more advantages than you study anywhere else when you start your career after you get your degree, and Germany has a strong infrastructure for the technology of the teacher. Matt, surpassing many other countries on the technological side.

What are the admission requirements for studying computer science and information technology in Germany?

Most international programs are taught in English, so there is no need to speak German to attend university, you will need documents to obtain a visa, residence permit, proof of health insurance, and proof of financial resources, these documents must appear when you arrive at your university, as well. Upon arrival at Germany Airport.

Most German universities need a qualifying exam, you may have taken such an exam after you have finished high school in your country, if you have already done it you can contact your high school and the German university you have applied to to see if it is possible to transfer grades Testing, some students may need to take this test in Germany in order to qualify for university.

What is the cost of studying computer science and information technology in Germany?

The most important question any student asks when they want to study computer science and information technology in Germany is: What are the costs of studying in Germany? You should know that this depends on several factors, including the university you applied to, for example the cost of studying at Jacobs University is 20,000 euros per year, at a total cost of a three-year program of €60,000, and Jacobs University offers scholarships to students who have proven their worth, In addition to financial assistance to lower the price slightly for qualified international students.

What after studying in Germany?

Germany is one of the countries that attract many to stay and work in, after you finish your studies work there, where you are waiting for a lot of great opportunities as a graduate of a German university, you will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of types of specialties, and from companies, although this may not be easy For an international student to get a job in Germany, employers prefer to speak Fluent German.

But this can be overcome by your quest to master German so that there is no linguistic barrier to you and hinder your dream of working in Germany.

What are the requirements for a student visa?

The way you will receive a student visa at your German university where you have been accepted depends on your country of residence, if you are required before you arrive in Germany to obtain a visa and residence permit, as this usually happens through the embassy.
These requirements are:
  • Prove that you registered with the resident registration office.
  • A medical examination certificate.
  • Proof of your ability to afford throughout your studies.
  • A guide confirming your stay in Germany.
  • Proof that you have no criminal record.
You should make sure that your visa is a national visa, so you can stay in Germany for more than three months.

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