Study of health and medicine in Germany


Study of health and medicine in Germany

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The study of health and medicine is one of the best university degrees you can get, Germany has a great history with prestigious educational institutions such as the University of Hildenburg, which dates back to 1386, where it is one of the oldest and oldest universities in the world, studying in German universities. Allows students to obtain the highest standards of knowledge and culture, due to the wealth of historical monuments located in Germany.

Study at German universities

Germany is one of the countries that welcomes students wishing to study at its universities, where the number of foreign students studying at German universities up to 15% of the number of students, and the number of South Asian students only up to 50,000 students, where Germany is a refuge for students wishing to study where A tolerant culture that is open to change, and its university system attracts many international students.

Study of health and medicine in Germany

As for the study of health and medicine in Germany is considered one of the best countries that can be studied, it contains a good educational system and this is evidenced by the health care system adopted there, which is based on universities in the first place, which means that students studying in the field of medicine in German universities will German hospitals rely on innovative research and advanced procedures that offer many distinguished courses in medicine in developing countries.

What are the admission requirements for health and medicine study in Germany?

Like all universities, studying at German universities has several conditions when students are granted an admission visa, where the student needs to contact the German embassy or consulate located in his country in order to know the conditions and applications that qualify him for a study visa there, and it may take It takes several months for it to be approved, so this step should be done as a first step when you start processing the required paperwork for study.

The student also needs to prove his abilities and qualifications obtained, in order to present it to the university, and he must contact the university and inquire about the required papers that are taken into account, as the previous grades, which are directly related to the specialty, are considered as the student must be Able to speak German and English until it is accepted, some postgraduate and doctoral studies are offered in English.

What is the cost of studying health and medicine in Germany?

Studying at German universities is as inexpensive as the rest of the universities where most universities are funded from the public sector, and tuition for the first semester is free, but the student will need to prove that he is able to pay for his own living expenses such as mobility, travel, and housing expenses, Food expenses, the average amount a student needs during the school year can be estimated at around 8,000 euros, and scholarships can be used to help students pay fees and expenses.

What are the best universities in Germany to study health and medicine?

There are many good universities in Germany that provide the student with great experience by participating in the high-level healthcare system, which is a practical training in patient care since the first term, which qualifies him professionally in a large way, and the universities are as follows:

  1. Heidelberg University: The best medical college in Germany is located in Germany where the medical college at this prestigious university is nearly 6 centuries old.
  2. RWTH AACHEN University: An exceptionally capable medical college, established in 1966, is one of the many universities with many research institutes and experimental clinics, with approximately 2,700 students studying.
  3. Universität Zu Lübeck University: One of the universities known to address many diseases of the current century, which specializes in brain, gastrointestinal and genetic injuries and infections.
  4. Witten Herdecke University: A private university established in 1983 with 1,200 students studying medicine, nursing, dentistry, etc., and a student's expenses of between 400 and 1,000 euros per month in tuition.
  5. Magdeburg-Stendal University: Its Faculty of Medicine was established in 1993 and has approximately 1,300 medical specialists, and the University Hospital receives approximately 45,000 patients annually.
Studying health and medicine in Germany is a great opportunity for excellence in that field, no matter how much you choose from among Germany's most prestigious universities, you will surely get a quality educational service.

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