Study of humanities and social sciences in Canada


Study of humanities and social sciences in Canada

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The study of humanities and social sciences is one of the unique opportunities you can have in your working life, because Canada has the advantages that have made it one of the leading countries in the field of academic studies in general, and at the top of these features is outstanding academic education and life. The economic and social issue that made the issue of immigration to Canada and studying in it a dream for many young people and students around the world.

What are the admission requirements for studying humanities and social sciences in Canada?

The idea of studying in Canada is very exciting, but it needs a lot of good planning, such as how to apply to universities at the local level, especially the study of humanities and social sciences, because it needs a number of requirements such as:
  • Fill out many forms and documents.
  • Determine the location and accommodation in Canada.
  • Know the cost of education there and whether it suits your budget or not.

But in general, Canada is one of the countries with great life, lower cost of living compared to European countries, and its people are very friendly, and they accept the idea of difference and coexistence with others.

What are the conditions for admission to Canadian universities?

Studying in Canadian universities, as in many countries, you need several conditions that must be met in the student, but can not be said and confirmed, each university is different in terms of the requirements, so you have to first look at the requirements of enrollment at the university where you want to study, but you can Generally speaking, there are some basics that need to be met, such as:
  • The high school certificate is certified and externally certified.
  • Some recommendations from former professors, employers and supervisors in order to show your personality and ability to study and work.
  • Mastering English and providing official documents stating this.
  • Financial adequacy that covers the costs of studying and living in Canada.

What is the cost of studying humanities and social sciences in Canada?

Study at Canadian universities, particularly the study of humanities and social sciences, is not limited to a single number, but it can be said that the average study there ranges from $14,000 to $20,000 per year depending on the university, but when planning the financial budget for the study, Consider the cost of housing as well.

You can expect between $400 and $1,500 per month for housing, or you can choose a university that offers campus accommodation in student accommodation, or choose to live in student housing units where the rent is divided by the number of students present, and costs must be added. Transfer to and from university, you can choose to travel on public buses and trains in order to rationalize the amount spent on transportation.

Sheridan Institute and The Study of Humanities and Social Sciences in Canada

The Sheridan Institute provides the study of humanities and social sciences and accepts students from outside Canada, as well as several multi-disciplinary programs aimed at developing critical thinking, intellectual property to find innovative solutions to complex problems, and the availability of customized programs. Graduates have many options to pursue their university studies in other programs such as bachelor's and diploma programs.

The college's courses include psychology, sociology, cultural studies, biology, chemistry, mathematics, English literature, history and religion, the majority of which qualify you to pursue studies at other Canadian universities.
List of programs provided by the Sheridan Institute
  1. Basic communication skills.
  2. Preparatory programs for admission to university studies.
  3. English language studies.
  4. Arts and general sciences (in preparation for subsequent studies in universities and institutes).

Grants from Canadian universities to study humanities and social sciences

The International Council of Canadian Studies is providing opportunities for research studies at any university or research site in Canada for students specializing in social or humanities who wish to prepare postgraduate or doctoral studies, in order to support young scientists by enabling candidates to 4 to 6 weeks at a Canadian university or research site to conduct research on Canadian studies.

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