Studying aviation in Germany


Studying aviation in Germany

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Aviation study is one of the strongest academic studies that qualify you for career opportunities that are the strongest and highest income in the world, where German universities and institutes are considered one of the best places to study aviation, because of Germany's achievements in aviation sciences, which qualifies it to be The most popular study destination around the world, and in the following lines we discuss the study of aviation in Germany in detail.

Studying aviation in Germany

The aviation industry offers many different opportunities, requirements and educational pathways, students can organize their studies to study aviation, work as a commercial pilot, work on aircraft maintenance, computer programming, air traffic control, or airport operations management.

In Germany, many distinguished courses are offered in aviation management, and students are prepared to work in aviation management such as airport operators, airlines and other aviation-related areas, and some universities offer programs to integrate theoretical study with In practice, postgraduate studies provide students with a bachelor's degree or diploma in engineering or required work, and some universities offer potentially successful students training contracts with their partner companies.

What are the admission requirements for studying aviation in Germany?

German universities may require a student wishing to obtain a master's degree to have at least one year of professional experience before approval, and studying aviation in a master's program usually includes training courses such as economics, service management, law, accounting, mathematics or science. Computer, over time offering students business logistics study, supply chain management and aviation economies, there are many schools in Germany that are working to provide a distinguished university education in aviation management, which prepares students to work in aviation management, but it must be verified The location of each university to see the specific registration requirements.

What are the most important controls for the study of aviation in Germany?

There are a number of controls and factors that control this study, including:

Physical aspect
Where the cost of studying flying abroad is financially expensive, so it is necessary to prepare for it well, and Germany is the number four destination preferred by students to travel to for study, which offers effective low-cost education, where the German bachelor is offered at the lowest cost Compared to many other European countries, it also has an academic exchange service and the average cost of studying aviation in Germany is estimated at US$1,020 (EUR 9,170) per year, distributed as follows:
  • US$540 (€470) for tuition fees.
  • US$980 (€8,700) for 12 months of personal expenses such as accommodation, mobility, entertainment, food, etc.
Medical side
To work in aviation, the applicant must be signed a medical examination in order to ensure that he is free of any diseases, especially those that hinder the study, and the medical examination is carried out in several stages:

The first stage in which the test for pilots, regardless of the types of licenses ppl /cpl/atpl, in which the applicant is medically examined very thoroughly to ensure his safety, and repeat it once every six months.

The second stage is examined only by ppl pilots as well as air hosts, in which some body parts are thoroughly examined and renewed each year.

The third and final stage in which the examination is carried out as a first step for the applicant and accordingly the license is renewed once every two years. The medical certificate, which contains height, weight, date of breasts, hair color, eyes and date of birth, is then extracted.

Best Aviation Institutes in Germany

There are many aviation schools in Germany that qualify the student in a privileged position such as:
  • SKY4u Aviation Service
  • RWL German Flight Academy GmbH
  • Pilot Training Network GmbH
  • Motorflugschule Egelsbach GmbH
  • MFA Munich Flight Academy
  • InterCockpit
  • Haeusl Air
  • Flugschule Alfred Robisch
  • FlightCrew Academy
  • Cranfield Aviation Training School (Deutschland) GmbH
  • Cockpit4u Aviation Service
  • CAT Civil Aviation Training Europe
  • AEROTOURS Flight Training
  • Baltic Seaplane GmbH
  • Air Alliance Flight Center

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