Studying engineering in Germany


Studying engineering in Germany

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Study engineering in from academic studies that work to develop and develop the skills of the student
 in a great way, and give him many theoretical and practical experiences, where Germany is considered a major industrialized countries and which has a great reputation internationally in the field of engineering, so study there is an opportunity and a dream for any student International, in order to develop and develop his skills, in this article we provide a detailed explanation of all the necessary information about studying there.

Studying engineering in Germany

Engineering colleges in Germany offer many major disciplines and programs in the field of engineering such as engine construction, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, and many more, all of which work to give the student a lot of experience and practical abilities at the hands of professors International, Germany is one of the encouraging countries for foreign students wishing to study there, it has an environment capable of containing many different cultures, for centuries Deutschland (Germany) was the center of Western philosophy, arts and sciences, and continued after developing industrially significantly until Became the heart of the European economy.

What are the admission requirements for engineering study in Germany?

Engineering colleges have several conditions that those wishing to study and work on preparing the necessary papers for it, where the student needs to submit a degree or to submit any final test done in the high school, and its advantages are that it does not need a technical certificate for the field of study, but You may require a show of proficiency in mathematics while providing the reasons for which you applied to study there.

You should also check whether the university teaches subjects in English or German, preferably learning German in order to accept you faster, conduct a language test and provide proof of this to the university, but if you prefer to learn English, you must submit a TOEFL degree or IELTS.

What is the cost of studying engineering in Germany?

The cost of studying in Germany varies depending on the type of university offered to it, as German universities are estimated to cost about 20,000 euros, but some other public universities only require registration and admission fees, which can only be up to 250 euros, so it is better to check with the university you want to study in. Find out what costs are required, and you can also ask about the scholarships offered for various disciplines that you can get and study at German universities for free.

What are the best universities in Germany to study engineering?

In 2009, The University of CLAUSTHAL was affiliated with the University of Lower Saxony of Technology, one of the leading universities in the field of engineering, considered one of the best technical universities in Germany, and the University of CLAUSTHAL relies on research and technological education, which is based on raw materials. Natural sciences, materials science, economics, mathematics, computer science, mechanical engineering and process engineering.

Darmstadt University of Technology is an old university founded in 1877, and Darmstadt University is located in The Land of Hessen, and has more than 25,000 students in 2011, one of the largest engineering technology universities in Germany, where it possesses many outstanding technologies. The Technical University of Darmstadt University of Technology comes first in a wide range of options to study electrical engineering in the region.

Kaiserslautern University is one of the only engineering technical universities in the Rhineland-Based Region, which has earned a reputation since its founding in 1970, with more than 14,000 students in the academic year, and has 12 fields and majors, where the university has relationships. A document with senior professors and distinguished services, and therefore it offers a lot of practical training for students, it teaches electrical engineering and computer engineering as two separate courses, and the basic education of the university follows the bachelor program in the fourth semester the program of studies Higher with technical specialization in one of the seven disciplines.

The University of Magderburg is the smallest German university, especially after the merger of the Technical University with the Faculty of Teacher training, and the Faculty of Medicine in 1993, and the university offers a wide range of study programs that give the student a lot of practical experiences that meet the need of the modern market, where it is implemented In close collaboration with other faculties at Otto von Guericke University, which open up excellent career prospects for their students.

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