Costs of studying in Australia


Costs of studying in Australia

For students who have not been lucky to receive any of the "types of scholarships in Australia", Australian laws require all proof of their ability to afford their tuition and living costs, and in our article we will try to give a clear picture of these costs.
According to the Australian Government's website, which specializes in immigration and study, the costs of studying in Australia depend on the selected educational institution, as well as the required level of study, and it should be noted that the international student in Australia must pay university fees in advance. to start studying.

Study costs:

In the list below, a general indicator of study costs for different types of disciplines:
A bachelor's degree with university costs ranging from A$15,000 to A$33,000, excluding veterinary medicine and medical sciences, details of its costs can be learned by visiting the websites of the institutions.
A master's degree costs between $20,000 and $A 37,000.
PhD cost between $14,000 and $A 37,000.
English courses for those who need them cost around A$300 per week.
Vocational education and training certificates (diploma, advanced diploma) cost between A$4,000 and A$22,000.

Cost of living:

Before starting with cost-of-living details, please note that we will assign an article to the cost of housing and how to obtain it.
There are Australian government websites that help individuals, including international students, determine their budget and where they can shop for the best prices, such as the Australian Securities and Investments Commission website.

Prices in Australia:

The following data are based on one-and-a-half-year inputs by a group of contributors to determine the cost of living in Australia based on their personal experiences, and we will divide prices by:


  • A meal in a cheap restaurant costs between $14 and $25.
  • A meal in an average restaurant costs between $30 and $55.
  • A plain size cappuccino is $5.
  • Soft drinks 330 ml $4.
  • Water bottle 350 ml $2.50.


  • A liter of milk is $1.
  • A loaf of fresh white bread is $2.50.
  • A kilo of rice is $3.
  • Cheese is $10.
  • A dozen eggs, $5.
  • Chicken kilo is $10.
  • A kilo of beef is $15.
  • Vegetables and fruits are priced between $2 and $5 per kilo depending on the type.


The monthly cost of local transportation for daily use is $200, and monthly subscriptions of up to $140 can be obtained, down to $100 for students.
A taxi for daily use costs more than $300 per month.
The price of a liter of gasoline for car owners is $1.50 per liter.

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