The best universities to study engineering in Germany


The best universities to study engineering in Germany

If your preferred choice of subject is engineering, Germany is a distinct study destination in terms of providing excellent educational potential for both national and international students. With low or no fees, and with a large campus lifestyle. All this has made Germany an irresistible country for successful students and future experts.

Engineering is a broad theme consisting of many specific sub fields, each of which is very different and difficult, and is essential for the global market. Universities in Germany provide a very progressive infrastructure, and in this article we have gathered information on some of the best German universities to study engineering in all its branches. Start with:

Study of industrial engineering in Germany:

Industrial engineering in Germany is concerned with the development, improvement and evaluation of integrated systems for people, money, knowledge, information, equipment, energy, materials, analysis, and synthesis. In addition to mathematical, physical, and social sciences, along with the principles and methods of engineering design to identify, anticipate and evaluate the results to be obtained from these systems or processes. Here is one of the best universities in the field:


Since the beginning of 2009, The University of Clausthal Of Technology has been a member of the University of Lower Saxony of Technology (NTH). This university combines engineering and scientific expertise in Lower Saxony and is part of the best technical universities in Germany. Research and education at The University of Claustal Of Technology currently focuses on energy and raw materials, natural sciences and materials sciences, economics, mathematics, computer science, mechanical engineering and process engineering.

Study of materials engineering in Germany: 

Material science, also known as material engineering, is a multidisciplinary field that applies material characteristics to various fields of science and engineering. However, this sub-field specified by some universities is only offered as a master's degree program.


Darmstadt University of Technology was founded in 1877 and is located in Darmstadt in The Land of Hessen. The university had 25,100 students in 2011 and is one of the largest technology universities in Germany. Having one of Germany's leading technical universities, partly for its involvement in pioneering work, the Technical University of Darmstadt University of Technology comes first in a wide range of options to study electrical engineering in the region.

The principle of unteachable education and research is common in all German universities. It should be noted, however, that the search in TU Darmstadt has a long and particularly successful tradition so far.

Study of electrical engineering in Germany: 

Electrical engineering now covers a wide range of sub-areas including: electronics, digital computers, power engineering, communications, control systems, RF engineering, and signal processing.


As the only technical and engineering university in Rhineland-Co., TU has gained a great reputation since its founding in 1970. With about 14,200 students in 12 fields, Kaiserslautern University has a reasonable size, close contact with professors, and excellent guaranteed service. Electrical and computer engineering are presented as two separate courses, with a diverse technical orientation. Proper basic education in the bachelor's program in the fourth semester follows a graduate program with technical specialization in one of the seven disciplines.

Some of the best universities to study mechanical engineering in Germany:

Magderburg University 

The University of Magdeburg is one of the smallest universities in the state, following the merger of the existing technical university, the Teacher Training College, and the Faculty of Medicine in 1993. EIT offers a wide range of modern and multidisciplinary study programs to meet emerging challenges in the modern information society. It is carried out in close cooperation with other faculties at Otto von Guericke University, which open up excellent career prospects for their students. In addition, mechanical engineering in Magdeburg represents the power of research and innovative projects.

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