Business Management Study in New Zealand


Business Management Study in New Zealand

This study covers international business, cross-border trade, international investment and maritime resources. Due to the dynamism of global markets and the rise of large emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil and Russia, international companies face unprecedented opportunities and challenges. If you are interested in a global career. The experience of studying in New Zealand is key.
You can develop an understanding of international business, focusing on economic, political and cultural perspectives and how cross-border companies operate. It explores how and why the global economy is changing, and what these changes mean for business thinking and strategy.
Structure and content of the program
Part 1
Provides you with an introduction to business roles and basic concepts in business disciplines. You can complete a few basic papers in the previous section which are:
  • Business contexts
  • Management and management
  • Accounting and decision-making
  • Quantitative methods of business
  • Economic principles

Part 2
Over the next two years, you can get an understanding of the international business environment, analyze business from cultural perspectives, review business policies, and explore how companies operate across borders.
Part 3
The workplace experience (collaborative education) is the last part of your degree and takes a full semester. This is a work place under the supervision of the foundation of your choice in New Zealand. Apply what you have learned in real-world business, through a non-profit organization, an entrepreneurship project or an application project, and be a research project under the supervision of a professor.
In addition to achieving a bachelor's degree in business administration, see the major business you will be able to:
  • Integrate knowledge of international business theory and practice for effective management in the context of international business. (Knowledge/Understanding)
  • Reflecting on the context of international business and identifying opportunities for improvement. (Personal/Intellectual)The practice of governance in view of the social, ethical, environmental and global dimensions of decisions in the context of international business. (Ethical/professional conduct)

  • Solve international business problems by identifying sources of information and proposing solutions based on the application of relevant concepts and frameworks. (Investigation/Research/Creativity)Apply and understand international business theories and concepts to work effectively in international business contexts. (Skills/Application)
  • Provide professional business reports and presentations that integrate information and clear recommendations to relevant stakeholders. (Communication; Investigation/Research/Creativity)
Job opportunities for the holder of this certificate:
  • Export Manager
  • International Account Manager
  • International Project Manager
  • International Sales Representative
  • Management consultant
  • National or regional trade development adviser
  • Purchases
  • Policy and research adviser

Terms of admission

  • The minimum requirements of students is to complete the high school qualification in addition to completing a satisfactory period of one year of study in the accredited higher education institution.
  • English proficiency
  • Completion of the International Baccalaureate Diploma
  • 12th grade of high school diploma with an average of 75 per cent or higher
  • Successful completion of the tenth grade of the school certificate with an average of 75 per cent or higher
  • Applicants must also be in related subjects with B/B+ average grade. E mathematics, information, trade, economics etc.
  • Applicants must have successfully completed their Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in New Zealand or their overseas equivalent from a recognized higher education institution with a decent result.

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