It(Information Technology) study in Canada


It(Information Technology) study in Canada 

Canadian institutions offer a range of it-related programs such as programming, multimedia, design, development, etc. both at the primary and graduate level.
Here are the benefits of [ IT in Canada: 
  • Internationally recognized degree programs and specialized trade requirements diploma based and graduate diploma programs.
  • Getting admission and student visa is relatively simple
  • Being a thriving economy, and a range of jobs available in the IT sector after the completion of the
  • IT courses by Canadian institutions enhance students' career choices and earning potential in local industries as well as internationally.
  • Most Canadian institutions offer basic studies to students to help them better understand discipline
  • Students are also undergoing industrial training that helps them understand the industry in a much broader way
  • With classrooms for students from different cultural backgrounds, students get to learn more about IT sector activities in other countries, and even build strong ties with classmates.

Admission requirements for it study in Canada

Students can choose the type of study and certificate required. There is a bachelor's degree and a master's degree as well as a specialized diploma. Students seeking master's admission must have successfully completed a four-year bachelor's degree in the relevant field from a recognized academic institution, equivalent to a bachelor's degree offered by Canadian institutions. To get admission to graduate diploma programs students need to obtain a bachelor's degree in a related field where entry into a graduate diploma or degree programs students must have completed grade 12 with relevant subjects and good grades. Students whose first language is not English should appear for an English proficiency exam, usually TOEFL or ILETS, and achieve a good score.

The best universities to study IT in Canada

  • University of Toronto 
  • University of British Columbia 
  • University of Waterloo 
  • McGill University
  • Simon Fraser University 
  • University of Montreal 
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Calgary
  • Queen's University in Kingston

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