Management Study in Canada


Management Study in Canada 

Canada is a very popular study destination for foreign students. The country offers a full range of academic opportunities to study management (Engagement), where you can choose from a variety of disciplines including marketing, finance, human resources, economics, entrepreneurship, operations management, e-business and more.

Quality of education and cost are the main factors for choosing a destination for study abroad, both of which are available in Canada.

Advantages of studying management in Canada

Schools and management colleges in Canada have provided a good selection of leaders and talented in this field who have benefited from a study in this country to show their excellence, among the most important advantages Canada offers to the students of this discipline, are:
  • The diversity of disciplines that offer multiple choice opportunities for the student.
  • Global recognition of study programs in Canada.
  • Management programs include various degrees and levels of study, diploma, bachelor's, specialized courses, in addition to students can work part-time while studying management.
  • The educational system allows students who have studied certain subjects outside Canada to apply for accreditation.

Logistics Management

With the growing demand for logistics services in the global market, and the growing need for logistics jobs. To meet this demand, Canadian enterprises have introduced logistics and supply chain management as a separate specialty for learners to become well versed in this area.
This specialization includes operations management, process analysis, storage, transportation, global logistics, inventory management, supply chain management, and the basics of management theory.
The following are the jobs that are suitable for the graduates of this specialty:
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Buy/Assistant Analyst
  • Materials Analyzer. Materials Manager
  • Strategic chart
  • Operations Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Store manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • Commodity Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Storage manager, etc.

Admission requirements

In order to seek admission to logistics courses and supply chain management courses in Canada, students must meet the following criteria:
  • Completion of 12 years of primary education
  • High school diploma and other necessary documents required by the institution
  • IELTS or Tufts, good grade
Postgraduate / Master's courses -
  • A bachelor's/diploma related degree from a recognized institution equivalent to a degree provided by Canadian institutions
  • Work experience
  • Efficiency test in English

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