Studying business in the United States


Studying business in the United States

Advantages of business study:
  • First, the business management program helps to learn many skills, including critical thinking, problem solving skills, policy making, budgets, and marketing management.
  • Secondly, learn the methods and foundations of data analysis and know the statistics, patterns and economic formulas.
  • Thirdly, learn communication skills, customer engagement skills, negotiation skills, and even hospitality skills are essential for the smooth operation of modern business.
  • Fourthly, you will learn how to participate in the preparation of in-depth research.
  • Fifthly, it encourages the development of creativity. What better way for international students to succeed in the global market than creating a product, idea, or new and unprecedented model.

The best universities to study business administration

There are hundreds of universities in the United States that offer a bachelor's degree in business. However, only a few can claim it among the best.

One of the most important steps for international students when planning for a degree in business is to choose the right college.  Every college and university in America has a kind of business program. Are you looking for a little college? Are you interested in the site? Is there a particular professor you want to study with? What kind of business are you looking for?

These are important questions that certainly need answers to help you choose the right place, among the best universities in the field can:
  • MIT, it may come to mind that the institute specializes in technology and science, but in fact this institute also has an excellent reputation in the field of business management.MIT's Sloan School of Business at MIT focuses heavily on business management. Sloane only offers a bachelor's degree in business: B.A. in Management, with minor in management.

  • Hult International Business School is the largest business school in the world. Working alongside peers from more than 140 nationalities speaking 105 languages, the curriculum at this college is designed by business leaders and taught by world-class faculty members with hands-on business experience, offering students an unparalleled global perspective.

  • University of Pennsylvania is among the high schools to study business in the United States. The world-renowned Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania is the first college-level business school in the United States, and opened in 1881. It prides itself on a wide range of business hubs and integrates business education with liberal arts. Offers 20 specialties across 10 departments. International students can choose disciplines from accounting to global analysis, from marketing to impact and social responsibility. Wharton also provides modern business technology to its students, making it one of the most innovative and contemporary schools in the country.

  • The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor is one of the largest schools for the advantage of a first-class business program. Located on the outskirts of Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor is one of America's largest university cities.UM's Ross School of Business centers at the university focus on leadership and entrepreneurial skills while integrating their curriculum with liberal arts study standards. It is considered one of the best business schools in the United States, in part because of its focus on what it calls work-based learning.

  • New York University:The Stern School of Business at New York University focuses its approach on the international market, global awareness and innovation.

  • Felician College focuses on core business skills where programs are designed to develop a culture of entrepreneurship and leadership that helps develop the business competencies that employers are looking for such as: critical thinking, effective communication, decision-making, and teamwork, And quantitative thinking. Felician has also established valuable relationships with companies in nearby New York City the world's leading business center to give students the opportunity to gain practical experience and apply what they have learned in the classroom.

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